On-demand delivery.
Get it there fast.
Send and receive deliveries at your home.
Mobile - access information on your deliveries anywhere.
Get deliveries to your customers.
Mobile - access information on your deliveries anywhere.
Website - web based management platform to organise deliveries.
What we do
We provide a leading on-demand delivery platform for you (or your business) that is hands-off in the cloud and works without the troubles of trying to do it yourself. It provides:
An on-demand delivery platform for delivering parcels and people in the United States and globally as fast as possible.
Available online or as a mobile app download.
Schedule on-demand deliveries for sending and receiving.
Book transportation services and have vehicles dispatched to collect you
Coordinate, obtaine and book transportation, freight, logistics and delivery services via the mobile app, website, or api (SaaS).
Utilising leading technology to fully automate your businesses on-demand delivery needs.
Deliver directly to your customers same day.
Motor vehicle navigation for deliveries in-app, website, or api (SaaS).
Deliver people - and provide taxi services. The system includes a safe, secure and fully automated way to provide transport of passengers to their destination.
Easy to use and integrate (SaaS) with most leading delivery and commerce platforms.
Automated dispatching of delivery vehicles for delivery or passenger transport.
Reduce your businesses support costs by having customers self-serve delivery infomation in our app.
Fully automated tracking of all parcels and people involved in the delivery process from beginning to end.
Customisable reporting to see how your business is running with deliveries at any moment.
Reliable, industry tested, leading platform to get your customers what they want now.

Technology consulting and research available for businesses. Specialising in logistics systems and Aqas integration.
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