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Powerful Features
The best way to send and receive.
  • Quickly send an item
  • Ride to a destination
  • Request an item
  • Send and recieve multiple deliveries at the same time.
  • Best price for delivery with offers.
  • Intuitive mailbox for deliveries.
  • Custom criterias for deliviers.
  • Leading tracking features
  • Delivery history
  • Become a carrier and earn money
  • Send customers their orders.
  • End-to-end live tracking for customers.
  • Immediate capability and cost effective.
  • Support centre to help your customers
  • Cloud based, and always latest features.
  • Manage pricing with per-delivery cost limits, and criteria on carriers
  • Send via anyone, or your own set of approved carriers
Be A Carrier
Help get items to their destination, and get paid.
  • Earn money for delivery at a rate you set.
  • Open and fully configurable.
  • Opeartes anywhere in the world
  • Work at a time, place and pace you prefer.
  • Automatically have delivery jobs assigned, or manually offer your interest
  • Simple and modern system with powerful advanced features
  • Run your carrier business within Aqas
  • Earn money as 1 or group of carriers
  • Existing delivery and logistics businesses welcome
  • Deliver for anyone or specific clients
  • Use your own branding on deliveries and interactions with clients
  • Have employees.
  • Shared resources between employees.
  • Optional combined financial benefit from all carriers into 1 account.


What users are saying.
  • Great app for delivery. I use it all the time to receive stock for our business. In the future we are going to starting sending orders to customers using Aqas.- Sara Garten
  • Over the last few years we have been trying to bring more of our electrical business online but faced challenges finding a good solution for delivery, until we found Aqas with great technology and fast delivery times to customers. We are currently entering orders into Aqas as they arrive, but eventually we want to get some assistance to directly link with their systems to put orders in automatically. Aqas has made it easier to get orders to customers even on weekends when some of our customers operate. The system is easy to use, and I highly recommend it.- Andy Pragun
  • I requested a coffee and sandwich for lunch, and it got here fast! Thanks to Muam for the nice choice after and bring it to me. I will keep using this service because it saves me so much time. - Tegan Peng
  • Our logistics businesses heavily relied on on-premise solutions for many decades until we came across Aqas, which saved us both money, time, and contibuted towards happier customers - the roi was significant. Generally speaking we now integrate with Aqas for both for parcel/pallet management and allocation amoung our own staff drivers, and sending overflow to other carriers who are available in Aqas. We also sometimes deliver items that are available in Aqas as an additional work stream. The system has API access that is easy for our developers to work with, and made it so we don't need to spend a long time building tech systems our self. We look forward to seeing how the platform evolves and what we can use next.- David Web
  • As an individual who signed up to become a carrier I can recommend it as the best platform to make money doing deliveries, and do it at a rate you are happy with because you set it. I enjoy working when it fits my schedule and powerful features of the app.- Jason Shure

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